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Bully Proof Workshop

December, January & February

Scheduled during mid-year because bullies have had time to spot their victims, this workshop teaches kids how to recognize, diffuse, and if needed, protect themselves against bullying situations. A child’s motivation to succeed in school, sports, and any endeavor in life, comes from a child’s confidence and self-esteem. A bully robs a child of these very important traits that cam have a negative impact on the rest of their life. Our curriculum provides children with the skills they need to be assertive, smart, strong and most importantly safe!

Our program is designed to give children:

  • confidence,
  • self-esteem, and
  • knowledge needed to defend themselves against bullies.

We will cover techniques that will:

  • improve body posture and voice tone so that your son or daughter is less likely to ever be bullied.
  • We will talk about respect and courtesy
  • Instill the belief system that "I am valuable and worth protecting."

When those beliefs are instilled in children two things occur.

  • They will have the confidence to stand up for themselves when faced with abuse.
  • They will realize the value of respect and courtesy and will be less likely to bully others.

Bullies are often misrepresented as children with low self-esteem, or children who suffer from abuse at home. In fact these categories make up a very small percentage of the bullies who are out there. According to the book, "Bullies and Victims in Schools," 96% of children will be bullied at least once in their lifetime. 46% of those children will suffer poor grades or will abstain from extra-curricular activities because of the bullying. 2% of those children will commit suicide because of constant harassment from classmates.

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