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September, October & November

Scheduled earlier in the school year, this workshop helps get kids back on track and focused for school. It ties life skills with physical martial arts movements. We will show the students how to use these life skills not only in martial arts training, but, also in school and other areas of their life to make them more successful as well. Beginning with Self-Control and Respect, this presentation teaches the student to apply these principles to obtain any goal they set in the future.

We use these five principles:

  • Technique - a simple tool we use to help us reach our goals. Every word we learn to spell, each math problem we solve, and every book we read is a technique to help us become better a student. In martial arts every type of punch or kick we learn is a technique to help us better defend ourselves.
  • Aim - If you ever want to accomplish a goal, you must be able to concentrate and stay focused on what steps are important to turn your goal into reality. The greater your ability to focus and concentrate, the greater is your ability to learn. Focus means blocking out all distractions and centering your concentration. In martial arts our aim and focus is extremely important. You could have the strongest punch or kick of anyone, but if you cannot hit the target, it does not help you defend yourself.
  • Back up - It’s OK to get help from others to achieve our goals. Parents, teachers (back up for learning) and karate instructors (back up in learning karate to defend yourself).
  • Confidence - Confidence is the inner belief that you can achieve any goal you decide to work toward. We will teach you the warrior face and loud yell (kiap) that is a sign of confidence in martial arts.
  • Speed - Once you decide to set a goal, start working towards the goal immediately. Bring all of the other principles together with speed. No hesitation. Your child will see how important quick decisions and acting upon things in a timely manner are.
Free Karate for Concentration Work Shop Vision Martial Arts Center Plano Texas
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