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My name is Sajitha. I wanted to let you know that Vision Martial Arts has given a lot of confidence for my daughter. She was a very shy kid and it has helped her train properly and she is more disciplined and more outgoing and more confident about herself, and I think it’s all because of the training she received here at Vision Martial Arts.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for teaching me in self defense class on Saturday. I really enjoyed learning from you - you are so good at what you do and you make it so much fun! I love how you themed our class on "empowerment".


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Vision Martial Arts Center has been one of the best things to happen to my daughter. Recently diagnosed with ADHD, she has always had a very hard time focusing and has suffered from a lack of confidence. Since starting her training in Tex Kwon Do, her ability to focus has sky rocketed and she has never been more confident. The staff is always wonderful and encouraging. No matter how hectic life can be, there will always be room for her Tex Kwon Do training. Taking my daughter out of Vision Martial Arts center is simply not, and never will be, an option.


In the two years that our son has participated at VMAC with Diane Reeve and her excellent teachers, the impact has been far greater than the physical. The enjoyment he has got from the history of the development of Tae Kwon Do is immense. The discipline that he has developed as he heads towards the teenage years has been invaluable in managing his own self, in the sport and in the challenges that life brings. The responsibility that he has learned to take for his equipment and himself in order to do the best he can have increased measurably over this time. The physical benefits are not only strength, but also deliberation and control over himself, which is reiterated within the dojo as having the strength to walk away from a situation. Being called upon to articulate how he feels about his own achievements with belt levels by writing an essay has been another facet of his learning, a life skill in a real sense.


Martial arts is no longer just for therapy, especially not at Vision Martial Arts. I have been to several other dojos and gyms and none of them have the same family atmosphere and welcoming staff. The instructors are humble and while they are knowledgeable and experienced, they are not afraid to learn from their students. As a teacher, I know how hard it is to remain humble and accept the ideas of those younger or less experienced, however, sometimes those are the best ideas and the times you learn the most. Due to the humble nature of the teachers, even the students have a more happy and caring attitude. We feel when someone is struggling and I have yet to find someone who is not willing to help when a student or peer is in need of information or a little encouragement.


Vision Martial Arts has provided confidence, self-defense, honor, and integrity for my daughter. She has been a student for over two years with vision. Previously, she had trained at another school. After one week of attending Vision Martial Arts, she felt right at home. Each and every person, whether instructor or student, went out of their way to make her feel comfortable. There is a true sense of belonging.

She has worked hard in class and had some fun. She has learned to fight hard and how to take a few punches. She has learned that there is no failing; you must be stronger when it gets tougher. I have seen her spar for her 2ndGup Brown belt. She had to spar 10 students. Adult and youth were her partners. By the 6th sparring partner, she was exhausted, physically and mentally. She had a two-minute break. While she sat gathering her breath and tears coming down her face, she got back up and went another four partners. That is indomitable spirit.

My daughter is training for her 1st degree black belt in December. She is twelve. She is tiny in build but strong in her forms, fighting and strength. She has learned to defend herself on the streets, learned about how to handle bullies with technique, and learned that when you are kicked down on the mat or in life, you get up and you keep going.

Vision has instilled values and confidence as well as strength and discipline. We look forward to continuing and perhaps learning another form after her black belt.

The one thing that is most impressive is the fact that Ms. Reeve, a 7th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and other forms proves the strength of women. Each and every class has several black belts in them and the advanced classes are full of black belts, all of which help everyone at any time. Most impressive is the kindness of others.


Our daughter and I began studying Tae Kwon Do during her kindergarten year. She needed an activity to take her mind off the pressures of school. Kindergarten had become a lot more stressful than I remembered!

I looked a long time for an activity where families could participate together. Tons of separate adult and children classes existed – but nothing that allowed participation side-by-side. That is, until I found Vision Martial Arts Center (VMAC).

VMAC is the perfect place for anyone wanting to learn a martial art. Led by Ms. Reeve, VMAC’s incredible instructors (all of them black belts who have been with the school for years) provide the best instruction I’ve ever seen. Most important to me: families are allowed to train together.

The classes are challenging no matter what your age or fitness level. Even an old dog like me (who thought he knew everything) quickly became humbled. I learn something new ever class.

I believe the martial arts should be part of everyone’s life, and there is no finer school than VMAC. You’ll learn to improve yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually at VMAC.

Confidence, courage, perseverance, self-control, and self defense – VMAC teaches these and many other life skills. At VMAC, you’ll not only learn how to succeed in life…but also how to save your own life.


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