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Martial Arts & Fitness for Teens and Adults!

The US has experienced an increase and violent crimes. Most adults and teens have become acutely aware of the need to improve awareness and protect themselves. At Vision Martial Arts we provide world-class self-defense that really works against a bigger stronger attacker. Our adult/teen training gives you the confidence and skill to stay safe.

Martial arts not only teaches us to defend ourselves, it also teaches awareness and prevention which is in reality 90% of self-defense. In addition, if confrontation is inevitable, our program provides students with the training they need to de-escalate and address the situation effectively.

Our classes are taught by black belt instructors with years of experience ( between 13 and 20 each!). The programs they teach include both aerobic and anaerobic activities. The focus is on real world training with practical and effective methodologies. In addition, our Standard warm-ups include conditioning exercises that improve flexibility, strength and overall conditioning to get you in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE!! Of course this is done in a completely safe and warmly excepting environment where you'll have fun and make friends as you get physically fit.

All of our students are treated as individuals with their own different and unique needs. We are skilled in making sure that everyone's expectations are met or exceeded. Our defense of techniques are based on realistic situations that include stand up and ground fighting skills. Not only will you become stronger and more fit, but your confidence and self-esteem will rise to a level you could never imagine. Our black belt instructors are thoroughly educated and trained on psychological as well as physical aspects of training. They are very well skilled in making sure everyone gets individual attention with hands-on personal and professional training. We never let size shape or conditioning get in the way.

We know that attackers can be all shapes and sizes and we assure you that our training prepares you for that and much more. Life skills such as discipline, perseverance, leadership and focus are in Fattic Lee and repeatedly addressed and practiced. We've been producing world-class a black belts that have gone on to become community leaders since 1995. We know you will love it here – because all our students do!

We are unique martial arts school – not your run-of-the-mill standard karate dojo. If you are interested and outstanding character building and practical self-defense instruction that really works, come in and visit us and see our camaraderie, how we value each individual, and our friendly atmosphere.

We are so excited to announce our newest addition to the VMAC classes. On Monday and Wednesday 12:30 to 1:15 PM, we are providing local adults and teens the opportunity to receive a holistic approach in wellness— mind, body and spirit. Classes include proper attitude and state of mind for defensive situations, yoga-like stretching and core strength exercises to improve flexibility and muscle tone, and self defense techniques with particular emphasis on appropriate use. Plus, all participants will have alot of fun while making new friends and building social skills.

Taught by Grandmaster Tim Kirby, who has over 40 years martial arts teaching experience. He has trained a wide range of special needs individuals all the way to black belt.

Call TODAY for our limited online introductory special!

We are one of the few, or maybe the only school in town that has a teenager only class! Our teens have a blast.

We are sure to exceed your expectations because our martial arts training is a way of life – for all of us here at Vision Martial Arts Center.

Call us today at 972–758–8622 for a personal tour and free introductory lesson.

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