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Diane Reeve - Owner and Chief Instructor

Diane Reeve Vision Martial ArtsName: Diane Reeve
Belt Degree: 8th Degree Tae Kwon Do, 3rd Degree Kobudo, 2nd Degree Kenpo, 1st Degree Aiki Jujutsu
Years Experience: Began training in 1985

Diane Reeve is a 8th-Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and holds Black Belts in three other styles: Kenpo, Aiki Jujutsu and Kobudo (weapons). She is certified by her instructor GM J. Pat Burleson and the World Martial Arts Ranking Association. She is a contributing author to ‘The Ultimate Guide to Tae Kwon Do’, edited by Curtis Wong and John R. Little. She has been the sole owner of Vision Martial Arts Center since its inception in 1995 and has over 2 decades of martial arts experience. Ms. Reeve is a Registered Nurse and also holds a Master’s Degree in Education. She has two children of her own, but counts each of her students as her kids.

Ms. Reeve was inducted into the World Karate Hall of Fame in 1999 and was World instructor of the month in October 2002. She was featured in the March 2003 issue of Plano Profile. In 2003, she was nominated for Children’s Advocacy Center Volunteer of the Year. In September 2010, The Foundation for the Improvement of Justice awarded Diane Reeve the Paul H. Chapman Award, recognizing efforts made for the significant improvement of justice in America. She has promoted over 155 people to Black Belt and higher, and has taught martial arts to literally thousands of people, ages 3 and up, from all walks of life.She was awarded the 2013 Hearts and Heroes Award, which is the Richard Sale III award to a community hero whose courage, strength, and commitment provide an inspiration to others. She is actively teaching each week.

Ms. Reeve was inducted into the Masters Hall of Fame on June 7, 2014.

Our Instructors

All instructors at VMAC are highly qualified teachers, coaches, and mentors with anywhere from 8 to over 25 years of martial arts experience. In total, we have over 125 years of combined martial arts experience. As members of The World Martial Arts Ranking Association, our instructors are certified as quality practitioners holding ranks from 2nd degree Black Belt through 6th degree Black Belt, in several styles. They motivate in a positive manner, while using martial arts training to empower as well as provide a life skill education in:

- Leadership
- Confidence
- Focus
- Goal setting
- Respect
- Trying your best

Come in and see what a difference martial arts training with VMAC's professional, experienced, and caring instructors can make in you and your child.


As a busy professional with a family to take care of, I got into karate for stress relief. The more classes I attended, the better I felt.

When I began my training, I was a Registered Nurse (RN) with a Masters degree, but becoming a Black Belt gave me more confidence and empowerment than my degrees or career.

I made quicker and more accurate decisions. I became so disciplined I was able to accomplish more, plus be more effective. My body became the body of an athlete and I had never exercised before starting training!

Since martial arts had done so much to change my life, it became my passion, my VISION for the future, to change lives in the same way my life was transformed. To have the opportunity to accomplish this I opened Vision Martial Arts Center in 1995.

I HAVE NEVER LOOKED BACK! After promoting over 160 people to Black Belt and changing thousands of lives, I continue to have the passion for "Building Positive Life Skills Through Martial Arts".

Please don't hesitate to begin your journey in martial arts. YOU WILL NEVER LOOK BACK -- I PROMISE!

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